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Iamniverse is a tiny brand with big goals. It is dedicated to helping people in various ways, one way being the deliverance of clear, unembellished information about human consciousness and the nature of reality.

The word “Iamniverse” was created from the phrase “I am universe

Iamniverse is pronounced “AHM NEE VERSE” or “OM NEE VERSE”

“Iamniverse” just so happens to sound like:

OMNIVERSE - The “Omni” prefix is a derivative of the Latin word “Omnis,” which means “All.” It could be used to describe a collection of multiverses, just as a “multiverse” is a term used to describe a collection of universes.

AUMNIVERSE - The “Aum”—also called “Om” or “Ohm”—is a syllable that is believed by some to be sacred. It is found in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Its meanings range from the name of God, to the sound of all creation itself.

The word “Iamniverse” is merely pronounced like “omniverse” and “aumniverse.”

Those words don’t officially represent what Iamniverse is all about or what Iamniverse stands for.

Iamniverse is about realizing you are the Universe.


Fun random fact:

Iamniverse is so pro-earth,

so pro-maketheworldabetterplace,

even the website is green!

Green Web Hosting! This site hosted by DreamHost.

No one knows exactly what the future will hold because there is only now and probable change. However, Iamniverse is well on its path of providing services and products that have an extremely positive effect on the world around it. Iamniverse will be involved in different industries, including health and technology, to help make a better standard of living for all walks of life, empowering others to also help create and share their gifts to the world around them.


Support Iamniverse in its mission to better the world!

Why should you support?

Through supporting Iamniverse you in turn support yourself.

The sole purpose of Iamniverse is to help others.

If you feel Iamniverse or consciousness mechanics has helped you in a significant way,
please feel free to return that energy of gratitude in the form of donation.

All forms of support will be used for the betterment of the planet.

Your donation will fuel efforts to increase global awareness.

That is all Iamniverse will ever be associated with.


Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

These are not MRP donations, to support MRP specifically, go here.

To make a donation via PayPal, credit card, or e-check, please click the button below:



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