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Consciousness Mechanics

Consciousness mechanics means just that—the mechanics of consciousness. Just as quantum mechanics serves to explain the behavior of quanta, consciousness mechanics serves to explain the mechanical behavior of consciousness. It is a mechanics, insofar as it delves into the how and why regarding matter’s interaction with force, and that phenomenon’s relationship to the self-awareness of its observer. Consciousness mechanics expounds the basic structure of reality, and unravels the mysteries concerning the depthless nature of existence.

But what in fact is consciousness?

Consciousness is merely the quality of self-awareness.

It is that which experiences its own reality,

and is fundamentally the only “thing” that can actually be experienced.

Consciousness, unlike quanta, cannot be fully defined using mathematical terms because mathematics is a symbolic language used to communicate data regarding events within the spacetime illusion. “One plus,” “two times,” and “three minus” another number are expressions that describe an illusionary perception, because time itself is an illusion. More than one thing cannot ever actually exist because of two main reasons:

1. No perceived thing is exactly the same as another. Things can be extremely similar, but nothing can ever actually be duplicated, because even a duplication contains its own unique description of it being a duplication. Every object holds a unique locational quality in space and time.

2. Every seemingly individual thing is fundamentally all one thing. This is not a metaphysical romanticism; this is a physical axiom. From the human perspective, this is physiologically demonstrated by the fact that you can only experience an “outer world” as personal brain state. The idea of “things being completely disconnected from one another” is mechanically incorrect, because from the human perspective, there is only one momentary observation in time that keeps changing. The observer only observes one experience that changes; nothing it observes can truly be separate from itself, or else there would be no experience of it at allnot even the experience of observation.

Consciousness is that observer. All experiences of all events and phenomena thereof take place within one’s consciousness. Consciousness is what everything in existence fundamentally is. All notions of “energy,” “matter,” “waves,” “thoughts,” and “particles” are defined experiences of consciousnessthey are just labeled observations, no different than labeled portions of a single photograph. All observations take place within the observer. What you perceive to be “the world around you” is an experience of consciousness. Consciousness is what the experience is!

The experiential universe around you is but an experience within you.

That experience is an exploration of unending discovery.

You are your reality.

You are your experience.

You are the Universe

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