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Due to the abundance of spam e-mails and the nature of the material presented on the site, contact is reserved for certain purposes. Inquiries regarding your purchases can be sent here: moc.esrevinmai@esrevinmai (It’s written backwards to prevent spam.) Please read the terms of service page, it can clarify most questions and concerns. If you are a publisher and or distributer of either books or dvds, and are interested in publishing and or distributing the consciousness mechanics material, e-mail here: moc.esrevinmai@lagel (Also written backwards to prevent spam.)

Here are IAMNIVERSE related social media pages:

IAMNIVERSE Facebook page: facebook.com/IAMNIVERSE

Consciousness Mechanics Facebook page: facebook.com/consciousnessmechanics

Consciousness Mechanics: The Movie Facebook page: facebook.com/cmthemovie

Consciousness Mechanics: Navigating the Matrix Facebook page: facebook.com/cmnavigatingthematrix

IAMNIVERSE YouTube page: youtube.com/IAMNIVERSE

IAMNIVERSE Instagram page: instagram.com/IAMNIVERSE

IAMNIVERSE Twitter page: twitter.com/IAMNIVERSE

Patrons get raw HD IAMNIVERSE videos and more: patreon.com/carltoncole



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