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Here provided is some general feedback.

Enjoy reading about the difference made in people’s lives around the world!

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[Consciousness Mechanics: The Movie]



Consciousness Mechanics: The Movie

"Let me begin by expressing my gratitude and admiration for your hard work and dedication to raising the Collective Consciousness on our planet by writing this wonderful book and the movie. I immensely enjoyed them both."—Sam Santana, from the USA

"States of consciousness is my favorite section” “I absolutely love your method of explanation because it is all based on a mechanical perspective so it gives me a framework on what I can put any questions that I have and get the appropriate answer that makes sense to me."—David Vlad, from the USA

"Your work has been a tremendous help in inspiring my journey towards self discovery."—Roy McIver, from the USA

The Movie approaches the ideas and concepts of consciousness and reality creation in a mindful and heartfelt way. The knowledge in the movie keeps it very simple, yet sparks me to be easily ignited and inspired to create my own blazing epiphanies."—Amie, from the USA

"Wonderful work with this movie. Thank you for this great and beautiful gift"—M. Pabon, via YouTube

"Enjoyed the movie! Helped clarify some concepts floating in my head."—ThePeacemakernow, via YouTube

"Actually knowing that one cannot experience anything if it is not in one’s consciousness, for it is made up of the it (consciousness) seems to be obvious, but it isn’t to most, which is why they focus outward on what they are attempting to accomplish and oftentimes fail.  Mirrors only reflect back to us that which we are; there is really no “out there” at all.  The part where he talks about the paradox of the brain simultaneously experiencing and is itself is the experienc(er), is phenomenal.  We’re smelling, feeling, seeing, our brain."

"This is one I’ll definitely view again and again. This is simply great work - explaining the virtually unexplainable. I like the breakdown of components for the purpose of explanation of how we work.  Exquisite!"—Debra Moore, from the USA

"This is a great work. Very fundamental information about existence, that every human must know about. ... Thank you again and much love to the producer. And according to this information, one must ask: Who am I indeed?"—Bahadır Çolak, from Turkey

"From your movie, I think I can totally understand your description of time, space and consciousness ... I like that you use ‘mirror’ in your movie. When I was doing meditation, I feel like my consciousness was reflecting on myself like a mirror. That is the point of stillness and timeless, knowing the true Self."—Alexander Chen, from the USA





Consciousness Mechanics: The Movie-Book

"The books always have the juicy tidbits not included in the movies! Loved reading it everywhere and couldn’t put it down until I finished. Well, it helped that it was in my phone, which I never put down..."

"many thanks for all of your work. It is a gift waiting for people to unwrap it and prosper..."—Nicole Wolf, from the USA

"And to be honest, every spare moment I do have...I’m reading more of your book!!!


I finished TMB and I’m about 200 pages into NTM.  I just don’t have the words to express how phenomenal your work is. Honestly.  By far the best articulation of reality/consciousness/life that I’ve ever read. So clear and unencumbered.  Seminal work. It’s almost “surreal” sometimes when I’m reading. You wrote things I have thought, but thought nobody else thought.

Then you cap it all off by saying the book is just a reflection of me anyway. Ha! >|<

Of course, maaany of your ideas were perspectives I’ve never thought of. Pure brilliance."Adriane Kelly, from the USA





Consciousness Mechanics: Navigating the Matrix

"A masterpiece in explaining the mechanics of the law of attraction. A clear answer to why we are all masters of our destiny, how the observer and the observed phenomenon are one."—Arthur Sachs, from the USA

"Listen Brother, this is the best thing I have ever seen, and I am a voracious reader and antique esoteric bibliophile."—Thad Culpepper, from the USA

"It’s not that the idea of freedom through creative consciousness is new to me, but your articulation is so clear and objective that I was able to come away with a brand-new sense rather than just an idea that I “agree” with.  That’s just one example how potent I find your expression of ideas."

"Which brings me to what I love, love, love about your presentation:  I came away with a liberated sense of the absolute malleability of my reality experience.  I feel that this effect is the result of several things in your writing.  One is your clean, mechanical approach.  The sense is that you’re not trying to make anything happen.  This engenders trust.  Also, you come across like you know more about physics than I do which makes me think you’ve thought through your assertions with a finer tooth comb than I would be able to in that way.  More trust.
your work offers a solid structure from which to begin thinking newly, in a more liberated, “courageous,” and confident way.  You make it all “make sense” without needing to rely on airy-fairy trinketry.  All of the touchy-feely effect without ever leaving your objective, mechanical awesomeness!"
Adriane Kelly, from the USA

"I am reading very slowly.... I love your work!” “I get goosebumps reading your book. I am on page 30. ... Thank you so much for the book, Carlton. I will take my time to read it - I love it."—Ellen Lazanas, from Canada

"I started reading your wonderful book last night, and as I suspected, it was full of insights and wisdom.”

"I have been rereading your book and watching your video for the Nth time. I have immensely enjoyed both and continue to be dazzled and enlightened by them.” “be grateful for the privilege of having put together such an esoteric masterpiece."—Sam Santana, from the USA

"I just wanted to let you know I am on page 80, and like what I am reading. I have been working on holding a “unity perspective in a polarized world” So far your descriptions are the closest that I have seen to be, harmonic with that goal. ... Anyways thanks again for the book I am back off to reading."—Robert Orich, from Canada

"Almost finished with navigating the matrix and the material in there is amazing!” “It took me about 2 to 3 days each time that I read it, I did read it twice once just reading the words and the other with note taking on statements that I felt were important which I found a lot of! ... It wasn’t possible to read in one sitting for me.  Taking 2 to 3 days was with me reading at least I would say 3 to 6 hours a day"—David Vlad, from the USA

"... this E-book is going to be completely based on this subject matter I’m so glad . finding someone like who understands this kind of subject is 1 in a million from my experience"Misa Campo, from Canada

"Hey bro just finished the book and I must say I was thoroughly impressed. The concepts you presented hit home on a lot of what I know myself to be the truth ... It’s one of the best books I’ve read in a while. I find it difficult to find individuals that take interest or understand this level of information, so it’s very refreshing to see others feel the same way I do."

"The book was a decent size read. It took me about a week, I read a little everyday it definitely kept me engaged throughout. Titles of the chapters were also something that stood out I couldn’t wait to find out what level of subject matter you were going to drive into next. ...

I’m not sure of a “favorite part” because the whole book was pretty dope but I did like the arrow and rock “mediation”. I thought the concept of embracing the challenge and incorporating the experience into your total being was very empowering. And just the whole premise of the world being a reflection of your inner state of being was just right on the head for me. That truth out of all resonated the most.

Again I appreciate the transmission it really was a great read it gave me an elevated perspective constantly as I read throughout the week. I need to find a constant discipline that allows for that experience all the time.”—Roy McIver, from the USA

"I finished reading the ebook, and I just want to say thank you so much again. The knowledge and information in the book I get from reading it, makes it better for me every time I re-read it and it has helped me beyond words I can use to describe.

Thank you much again from the totality of my being. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

"I feel and think that Navigating the Matrix will help if you’ve been depressed and don’t feel like being depressed anymore.  And especially for the ones that are depressed because of what they currently know in regards to how this particular reality works.

I got to a point in my own life of not wanting to do anything because I was like “What’s the point?  It’s all an ‘illusion.’”  Then I created a synchronicity and came across “Navigating the Matrix” and the perspectives shared in the ebook helped shift my perspective significantly and dissolved the depression I had put myself in.

NTM made it so clear and simple for me.  I’ve learned about many similar things ‘before,’ and ‘before’ I could just intellectualize it and not actually make it consciously, physically practical for me, but for some reason the book’s reflection to me as an ‘external’ symbolic representation was the breakthrough I needed for me to know it more and be it more.

Based on my own experiences, I feel and think it will deeply help anyone who has an open and balanced mind, and is in need of clarity in regards to some of their own ‘anomalous’ (including synchronistic and coincidental) life experiences."—Amie, from the USA


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