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The experience of space and time is real, however, it is a real experience of an illusion, just like when you go to the movies and enjoy a film with a wonderful cast of characters, scenes, and drama. What you learn, love, and experience of the movie is real, but the movie itself is an illusion—it’s literally just colorful projected light bouncing off a screen. Similarly, spacetime is an illusion housed within the reality movie theater of here and now.


Below is a diagram symbolizing spacetime.


Also, just for clarification, spacetime is the same thing as space-time-force; the term “spacetime” is being used for simplicity’s sake. In an alternate way, you could say “space-time-force is an illusion housed within here-now-stasis,” or better yet, “here-now-anchored,” or even “here-now-sorted.” There’s not many words to described the opposite, timelessly immediate version of “force.”

Back on the topic of spacetime, although spacetime is an illusion, the reason it can be experienced at all is because it exists. The term illusion, in this context, simply means “something that appears a certain way when not examined, but is not as it seems when examined.”


Below is a diagram symbolizing herenow.


The term herenow means just that, “right here, right now.” All that has ever existed and all that ever will exist can only exist right now. The thing about reality experience is that although it only exists now, it is multidimensional, which is the quality that allows experiences such as time and space. From this perspective, all expressions of time and space all concurrently exist now; you only perceive what is a reflection of your state of consciousness (a brain state and mental state). The way you experience different times and spaces is through the auspices of different Planck-state universes. Observing multiple Planck-state universes one after another incessantly is how human consciousness generates a story-like spacetime experience using the platform of herenow.

Spacetime is manufactured within your consciousness.

Herenow is where your consciousness exists.

Forget about living in the moment; you are the living moment.

You are the Universe

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