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Terms and Conditions

All that is guaranteed is that the greatest effort possible will be exerted to help those experiencing difficulty with the site, services, and products provided. If you are having issues with anything, all you have to do is reply back to any IAMNIVERSE related e-mail initially sent to you.

Electronic Commerce

E-commerce Policy: Regarding e-books, due to the nature of electronic information, no refund will be given under any circumstance. When you make a purchase from IAMNIVERSE®, your sensitive information is not collected and (or) retained by IAMNIVERSE®. Your sensitive information is handled by the payment processor, one example being PayPal. Your e-commerce transactions are always secure when purchasing from IAMNIVERSE®. This website utilizes only the most proficient, well-known, and secure payment processors, and utilizes the most prestigious electronic shopping cart services.


Theories regarding Reality and the General Human Experience

Intention: The intention of the theories proposed on the site is to allow readers philosophical entertainment; that is their exclusive purpose. The theories present new information—a new perspective—on already known phenomena, such as Planck time, consciousness, and spacetime. The theories are for entertainment, and are not instructing or advocating anyone to go out and do a particular thing.

Terms of Use: All theories proposed on the site should be used to ponder one’s existence. None of the theories are reality because they are just ideas used to describe it—only reality is reality.

Unfortunately, this has to be said, because we live in a world wherein people do irresponsible things and blame others for their self-chosen behavior. The internet is open to all kinds of people all over the world, and for some, this kind of information regarding “you being the universe” can be easily misinterpreted to mean completely irrelevant things. You being the universe doesn’t negate the fact that you are a human being that must abide by the laws of physics; it just means your physical body isn’t disconnected from its environment, and thus your environment is a bigger aspect of the definition of “you.”


By purchasing merchandise and

believing certain theories of IAMNIVERSE® to be true,

you are acknowledging the fact that you understand and agree with these terms,

spiritually, legally, poetically, and all ways betwixt.

You are the Universe

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