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Trichotomies of Experience

Dimensional trichotomies are the mediums of human reality perception. They make up what you perceive as “dimensionality.” All the main, fundamental components of your reality are in threes. An obvious example is time, which is composed of past, present, and future. Even that trichotomy is but an aspect of a bigger trichotomy; i.e., space, time, and force.

You can’t experience space without the flow of change that is time, and you cannot experience that flow of change without various expressions of attraction and repulsion (gravity, electromagnetism, and the rest of the fundamental forces). “Force” is what the expressions of change you see as space and time are. All three components are intertwined as one thing—you can’t experience any component separately. To move through space is to move through time, and to move through time there must be some force at work. Also, space is a trichotomy of height, width, and depth, and force is an expression of attraction, repulsion, and stasis.

Thus, spacetime could be more accurately labeled, space-time-force. Phenomena such as gravitational time dilation shows to the extent at which force is united with spacetime.

This trichotomy principle spans the human experience. Two other noteworthy trichotomies of experience are physical-emotional-mental and memory-sensation-imagination.

There are many more trichotomies, but these two in particular share a unique relationship with space-time-force, as do some others, like the previously stated past-present-future. The physical relates to memory, space, and the past, because physical light (physical energy; what you see as the physical world) is a reflection of the past, which functions as an ever-changing memory. The world you see is literally old light of the past; light has a speed limit, so as you look at objects further in space, the further you are looking in time and witnessing a symbolic past. This relationship mostly concerns one aspect of the different trichotomies mentioned (things listed in the white circle of the above diagram), but all three aspects have unique, overlapping marriages. These kinds of dimensional translations are prominent within the various trichotomies of human experience.

The trichotomies of nature function as dimensional mirrors.

They reveal how your nonphysical consciousness appears in physical form.

They form a stage, upon which the play of life is lived.

You are the Universe

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