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October 8th, 2019


The update is still on its way. I literally just got the final piece of equipment needed to...

I got some stuff online (normally I'd say "bought" but that's not fully the case), had to send some back, and other important things happened just today, too. I'm being tight-lipped because I'd rather just explain it all in the BIG UPDATE, but I'll say this for now: New website! I might build this one up a little bit before talking about it though.

Again, big update on the way.


PS: I am SO excited about this update you have no idea, lol.

PPS: Well, I'm actually just "very excited"; not omg-I-just-one-a-million-dollars/this-is-the-greatest-day-of-my-life excited. I'm mainly not THAT excited because it all revolves around large amounts of work. It's exciting, but it's a ton of work... so, yeah. The appreciation you have for a gift you have to analytically step-by-step create and give to yourself is different than normal gifts, no matter how grand. The "Oooh lucky me!" factor isn't there as much—it's not the same as hitting the lotto.

Still excited!


September 13th, 2019


Monumental update coming soon.

I'm so excited about it, I had to post a little reminder as I get everything ready for the reveal…

Brace yourself. ;)

PS: I was going to say “Be prepared. *Scar voice*” but he’s evil. Why do the bad guys in movies always have to be the coolest? Obi wan got no girls, and was a certified cornball. Anakin/Darth Vader on the other hand… Actually, no, Scar wasn’t as cool as Mufasa; even his name sounds hard, lol. Okay I’m done. Update soon! Be prepared! ;)


August 11st, 2019


I hesitated to make this update because it’s pretty much a teaser, but I had to get this out there:



The update is so big, I’m not even sure I’m going to do all I intend to do!

The update is “big” in the sense of being a game-changer, not big in the sense of “doing many different things.” It’s such a game-changer I’m not sure I’ll be allowed to change my game that much. “Allowed” meaning “guided by my reality to head down that path as the highest choice,” not in the sense of literal permission, although that is somewhat involved. Apologies for the vague language, I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Basically, part of the big update is for me to see if taking a certain path is open and beneficial to me.

I’ll explain all this after the next two CM videos!

Also, make sure you check out the part about Mars in CM#6, at 07:49, and don’t miss the newly introduced “Message to the Observer” that’s been added to the ending of every CM video from here on in, starting with CM#7. I’ll speak more on this in the upcoming giant update.


If you’re a fan of IAMNIVERSE and CM, this next update is surely one to look out for. For now, enjoy the future CM videos—more are on the way!


June 21st, 2019


I had a delay in putting out CM videos because of outside personal factors. I helped a family member (I don’t mind getting personal because it’s funny to me, because I don’t do manual labor professionally, and so had to freestyle it with logic) by reconstituting a driveway I previously built, path-building, flowerbed re-construction, and so forth. Also, I’m doing what I call a “depath,” (I’ll explain it on the MRP site soon enough) basically, I’ve found that all disease is caused by a toxin or pathogen, so I invented a detox-depath program I’m testing on myself. Upon testing this program, my body “got sick” (which is funny because I almost never do) and upon treating this circumstance as a gift, I realized that sneezing out and coughing up phlegm, along with the other common symptoms of a flu, are a general mechanism for your body to expel pathogens, and that upon doing a depath, this is one of the phenomena that may occur because the body is sentient, and thus can tell you’re intending to kill off whatever’s been plaguing it. There is a human-theme/story regarding poor health I will explain in detail in the future. What we consider health, is not true health at all. The healthiest person you know is actually extremely diseased, and this fundamental disease is one of the reasons for what is called “aging,” which is nothing more that decay, and not true aging. What is called “aging” (balding, greying hair, wrinkling skin, etc.) is actually a type of disease that’s been plaguing humanity for millennia. I made a website about it I plan on releasing in the near future, https://newlifespan.xyz/ which is one of many I’m creating featured on https://colecreations.info/ There is a ton of information on a ton of subjects I have to put out that will all come out in due time.

Regarding CM stuff, more videos are on the way…

Ladies and gents, I’m back at it!

Oh, and as a side note, I hope you guys noticed the CM videos’ quality is getting much better, specifically the newly released #4 and #5. I’m finally HAPPY with the format. I’m probably going to redo the movie and the first 3 videos because the new format is so much more palatable. (I’m not going to redo them now, I’ll redo them when I feel the channel has a good amount of videos.) The only reason I made the old videos that way is because the computer couldn’t handle much more. Now that I got a new PC a little ways back, I can add the amount of content in the videos I’d like to. Just thought I’d mention that. More CM vids are on the way!


April 30th, 2019


Hello beautiful beings. New CM video for tomorrow.

I’ve had to ixnay on the two ideosvay—only one video this week. I chose to make some last-minute edits on one video and didn’t go over the other video’s last-minute edits. Then, when I uploaded the video to YouTube, I watched it and decided to make a few more last minute edits. It felt so good uploading a video, since I haven't done so in almost two years.

So one video for this week, and another video for next week! And the week after that, and the week after that, and the week after that! I’m going to be putting out a video a week, and see how long I can keep up that workflow pace. (I have several semi-made videos; it’s stuff I made from the bulk production I’ve been doing, as mentioned in previous updates.) Also, when I say a video a week, I'm not a robot and life happens, so if I make one in 10 days and not 7 don't be surprised.

Also, a reminder: the CM video release schedule for the most part is going to be old, new, old, new, old, new, etc., with some exceptions. “Old” meaning a topic from the movie, and “new” meaning a topic largely not from the movie. The last video about the 3D shadow principle is a new topic, while the next to be released is an old one. Old topic videos still have extra info and a fresh perspective, and aren't entirely ripped straight from the movie.


April 19th, 2019


Hello world.

Relatively minor changes have been made to the site—mostly writing edits, along with changes to the Services and Lessons in Consciousness page bars.

Right now, I’m editing the narration audio for the next CM video. I’ll probably release two videos by the end of the month.

Stay tuned!


March 29th, 2019


New web domains and websites! Click hizzere nizzow!

An icon link to this new project hub can be found in the about section.

See? Even though there hasn’t been any new CM videos or big updates put out in a million years, I told you I was still doing stuff! You might want to brace yourself, because the amount of wisdom, glory, unbridled enlightenment and sheer profundity that will be coming at you in 2019 might mess around and KILL SOMEBODY!

Lol. (You didn’t think I was going to stop there did you?)





In other news, if you’ve visited this site pre-March, you may have noticed the new domain name, iamniverse.one! Neat, isn’t it? Now is always a good time to honor the oneness of us all, which is what Iamniverse is all about. Also, the Q&A page is now highlighted in the Consciousness Mechanics section's page bar, because not only does it contain useful info, it links to important pages not easily found on the site otherwise.

The new domains and websites serve as a much-needed step into 2019.

Oh, and to the people newly passionate about CM, feel free to support and buy the book! It’s a must read for anyone seriously interested in diving down the rabbit hole. If you enjoy the videos you won't regret getting the book; it has all sorts of diagrams for those visually inclined.

Happy 2019!

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