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December 28th, 2018


Things have been slightly pushed back, thanks to personal dramas. Constructive personal dramas (the best kind!), one even involving a small surgery, but dramas no less.

As far as the bulk production goes, I'm on the end of CM#9 and beginning #10. After that, I'll begin doing vocals and releasing video after video, from CM#4 to #10 as the vocals are done.

Just to reiterate, it isn't the videos that have been taking long to make, it's personal stuff. Long story short, there are different things happening now that will allow me to advance my various works in the future. I may go into detail on what this is all about on my personal site in the future, because it's inappropriate for this Iamniverse update medium. Although, part of it may entail getting active on social media with Iamniverse related and unrelated stuff.

Here are 3 random shots, from 3 different videos I've been working on. I won't say anything about which videos they come from, you'll see when you see! ;)

Here are some screenshots:


September 2nd, 2018


Hello everyone. Expect some new stuff at the end of the year. I’ve decided to do bulk production again. It’s when you do many at once, without finishing any until you’re about to finish them all. This may seem unproductive from an outsider's perspective, but it’s actually the most efficient way of handling many things at once, one reason being the neuroplasticity thing I explained in an older update, about how your brain rewires itself to get in the groove of doing a recurrent activity.

Here are some screenshots:

Notice not much new info is in the screenshots; I did this because I didn't want to spoil anything. Also, the next video is over five minutes, unlike as mentioned in the last update.

Thank you for your patience.


July 28th, 2018


There won't be any more updates on video progress; doing so would be dilettantish. I've noticed whenever I speak of making videos much, something usually comes along as an interruption. I've had computer issues and an overseas relative passing away which lead to a series of events in which I did not work on the videos. The next video coming up is a short one (Maybe 5-6 minutes? It's not done yet.), but the one after that will be longer.

Here is a small tidbit about a few upcoming videos:


Brain Travel CM title

I'm still undecided on whether to use this title art or not. The real name for this video is Brain Travel - Outer Space is Inner Space. It's about exactly what it sounds like—the illusion of traveling, but also, how traveling in outer space is a reflection of the inner wisdom we contain. Any more info and I'll spoil too much. Needless to say, it's a really deep, fun, and *relatively* epic episode.
*Special relativity made the term "relative" popular, in my opinion, and is all about the illusionary yet real nature of spacetime.



Laws of Existence CM title

The laws of existence are the most basic, foundational attributes to all things that exist. This isn't a dogmatic or religious sort of video, it's a technical video explaining natural attributes affiliated with the quality of "existing." This video will be an eye-opener for many. I can't really say much or I'll give it away, but I will say this: the laws presented have never been put forward in this way to my knowledge (you won't find them in this unique grouping in a book or online; I realized them myself). I know there are all sorts of "laws of existence" you can find online, and you may find one or more of the laws presented, but none of them are this specific group, all together (I think. I haven't scanned the entire internet.). Granted, not to ruin this video's mystique, but the laws aren't exotic or unheard of; they are obvious, self-demonstrating properties. After I make this video, I may in the future of doing so update the laws. This video will help set the basis for "what is what" in consciousness mechanics. These laws of existence apply to every type of thing and non-thing you can possibly or impossibly imagine.



The Nature of Truth CM title

This video is a doozy. It will explain what "truth" is. It's essential to consciousness mechanics, because it goes into how truth literally is your reality experience. It also touches upon how people love to deny their truth, and pretend truth is false, in the act of fearing reality. This episode mentions religion and politics a bit, so that's another fun thing to note. (It only mentions them, the video isn't about religion or politics.) I can't wait to begin working on this episode, it's going to be a fun change of pace from the brain-Planck-time-space-gravity stuff. I'm going to produce "down to Earth" CM videos too, about the magical nature of the basic, daily human condition. An important facet of that condition being the experience called "truth."

I chose to highlight these three because they are further down the line, they're interesting, and they happen to be in succession, which I thought was neat.

As I've stated months ago, their scripts are all done. I just have to create the graphics, record and edit my narration, etc.

As stated in the beginning of this update, I'm not giving any more progress reports on videos (I will, but only if absolutely necessary). Also, I might change my production style. As I was building #4, the one I'm working on now, I got in a groove and felt like making several videos at once. So with that said, the videos will come out whenever they come out. It could be a few days from now or a few months. Just know I am indeed working on them.


July 16th, 2018


There was a tiny inconvenience with internet and computer access. Referencing the last update, "I’m going to be putting out CM videos like clockwork. Mark today in your mind, and see how fast I make the next video! I’m shooting for about 8-10 days." Now mark TODAY in your mind, and see how fast I make the next video. ;) I noticed after putting that update, I've gotten a slight influx of subscribers, so I figured I'd mentioned this for those who would be disappointed in me going over the 8-10 days mark for seemingly no reason.

Now let the games begin!


July 13th, 2018


Hello everyone. Apologies for the lack of CM videos. I was working on an old project I never finished a while back, along with a new surprise, both of which I now won’t be finishing up until I’ve made at least 10 new CM videos for the YouTube channel.

So let me reiterate: I was working on some stuff, but have stopped working on that to work on videos.

I was working on a surprise DVD and soundtrack bundle.


CMTM CD Disc 1




I felt the soundtrack needed a separate art design.

The DVD is basically done, the soundtrack still needs work. Both are double discs with extra content, totaling four discs; it's not that there is one CD and one DVD as shown here.

I will still finish all of this, but I will finish about 10 videos first. I haven’t made a video in a long time and it’s getting out of hand. I’ve also been doing other personal, time consuming stuff: A close relative asked me to build a drive way, fix another one, and do some other tasks, all by myself. Mind you, I don’t do construction and have never done such a thing, but I decided to just wing it. I’m still not done with all this work, but I look at it as a metaphor for what I’m doing with my other projects, like CM, MRP, and others. I enjoy weightlifting, so I look at this manual labor as a kind of Zen meditation, in a Buddhist chop-wood-carry-water kind of way. This is an interestingly unrelated yet completely related reason as to why things have been taking so long.

Also, I’ve managed to learn an extensive amount of information about how to heal the body of disease, and will be updating the MRP website with this new information. If MRP had a version, you could consider MRP to now be MRP 2.0. I’ve really, really evolved in my ability to heal myself and others over the past couple months. One of the things I’ve learned is that your mindset can literally feed or help kill a virus or bacteria in your body, and I’m not just talking about biological chemistry, I’m talking about the HDEMF material I describe in Navigating the Matrix, which the mind is composed of. One more thing I learned is which herb or foodstuffs to use for what bodily ailments and why.

Regarding other updates, I have edited the Planck page, solipsism page, and the science-pseudoscience page, among others. If you're interested in MRP, be sure to check out the updates page for that, too.

Again, my apologies for taking so long with the videos. It wasn't my goal to just stall or disappoint people—having a large stack of scripts collecting dust helps no one. However, me taking long has been an extremely useful experience, and is by no means a waste.

I’m going to be putting out CM videos like clockwork. Mark today in your mind, and see how fast I make the next video! I’m shooting for about 8-10 days.

Let the games begin.


April 21st, 2018


As I was beginning to work on the next CM video, I got caught up in some really fun revelations and mental downloads about “what I need to do,” and eventually ended up writing what could be a new book, or even a few different books for the future. I had a much-needed personal transformation that I am extremely grateful for. Not only am I now more skilled at manifesting goals into reality, I am happier, healthier, and can now more easily make CM videos!

I’m not sure I’ll be able to finish the next CM video by the end of the month, but we’ll see. I probably will have the video finished and published by then, but you never know. After the long string of epiphanies I had (and am still having somewhat), wherein I was moved into taking action in a different direction, I can’t say for certain.

I’m temporarily adding a little something to the intro in the next video, and then I might remove it from the intro and add it to the outro/credits for CM videos #5 and onward. It will link to a newly created page, regarding the solipsistic spin some put on concepts such as “you are the universe.” Click here to check it out; it’s an interesting read! It’s a part of the General Q&A for the CM section.

And here are the titles for three different upcoming CM videos:


Reality and Illusion CM title



Reality and Illusion CM title



Reality and Illusion CM title


Using your mind’s eye, see if you can tap into a vision of what the finalized versions of these videos may look like. I haven’t begun building the diagram content yet, so right now your foresight is as good as mine.

In other news, I have decided to stop the bulk process of making videos. It served its purpose for allowing me to stay in the groove of being creatively analytical, so that I could churn out 20+ scripts and blueprints for CM videos. Now I think it would be more fun to just produce them one at a time, and get the YouTube channel flowing. I'm just glad the movie and few CM videos that are out now touched enough people that there are still new subscribers every day. Subscribers probably unsubscribe every so often too, so that's not saying much, lol.

Also, I've made my decision on CMTM2: it is completely out of the question for now. Ideally, in the future, I'll pay a group of people to produce it for me; either a professional studio or a general group of talented folks with integrity, that I can direct and guide in making the movie the way I envision. Key-term: "in the future," meaning not now—I emphasize this because I get business offers from time to time and don't want to send the wrong message. Right now, I'm too focused on CM videos and other passion projects to provide any kind of attention towards a movie.

Also also, regarding the above title pics: I was going to write a small description about each video, but figured it'd be best if you just see it when it comes out. I have to spoil a little bit about #9 though, "in-out time" is a concept I created when noticing that reality is discontinuous. Basically, the video will be about the in-between content of existing in time, wherein there is a momentary reality (a Planck-state universe), and then all of a sudden something happens to render that static reality out of perception, and from that lack of observation comes in a new perspective of another momentary reality. The video will be about that disconnecting quality that makes change occur at all, and will really drive home how reality isn't as fluid as it seems be, at least in this context. It talks about the void experience that differentiates one reality-moment to the next.

All in all, 2018 is looking to be a very eventful year for CM.

If you are a fan of CM or anything Iamniverse, there is a lot in store for you.

Stay tuned!


March 28th, 2018


Decisions have been made, and things have changed.

Consciousness mechanics (CM) videos will be numbered for ease of reference, like episodes.

There are 50 videos (actually a lot more) being considered, with 25 that have full scripts and blueprints.

3 out of 25 are currently out, with the last one being the 3D Shadow Principle video.

I am going to continue working in bulk, and all the videos probably won’t be done for 6-7 months. It’s a ridiculous amount of work. 5 videos is one thing, 10 is another, but 25 will require a large amount of time and energy into creating fully.

To compensate for what would otherwise seem to be a large period of stasis, starting next month, I will finish and release at least 1 video a month, while continuing to make all other videos at once, to keep the YouTube channel active.

Here is the protocol for making the videos, and where I’m at in making the 25:

Stage 1: Scripting — Ø

Stage 2: Blueprint — Ø

Stage 3: Design and arrange — O

Stage 4: Narration takes — O

Stage 5: Edit and finalize narration — O

Stage 6: Combine A&V, finalize, and individually release on YouTube — O

As you can see, I am now at Stage 3.

One thing I'm super-pleased with is the fact that the scripts and overall blueprints for the videos are all fun, well-made, and interesting. There are unexpected new topics and new angles on old topics that you're sure to find enjoyable. The videos about topics explained in the movie aren't too similar to their section in the movie, which allows what seems to be an old topic to still be as fun to watch as a new topic, because it introduces new elaborations and unseen diagrams.

Every video of the 25 to be released, will be released largely in this sequence: new topic, topic from the movie, new topic, topic from the movie, etc. So Mechanisms of Autonomy was a new topic, whereas Mental Time Experience was shown in the movie. This sequence rule won’t be adhered to always, but it’s a neat thing to look out for.

In other news, MRP may seem dead but it’s not, check the updates. After I am done with the 25 CM videos, I will focus 100% of my attention on MRP. I’ll make a YouTube channel for it, and will be doing other things.

This is the plan for now. All of this may change drastically in time. I have several things planned, and you’ll just have to wait and see what they are when revealed. I might ditch the whole bulk production idea and just go with releasing a video every week or so. I did the scripting and blueprinting in bulk, because they are creative-analytical tasks aided in repetition—when you’re doing something that requires a large amount of creativity and logic-analyzing, it’s annoying to stop the flow. Now in Stages 3 and onwards, it’s just mechanical work that is easy to dive into whenever, so it wouldn’t be a disturbance to complete all other stages of the video one by one by one.

Thank you for your patience and attention, it is gratefully received and acknowledged. You have no idea how important this is to me, and how important you are, just by caring about this stuff AT ALL. I send my love and gratitude to you.



February 26th, 2018


Everything is progressing perfectly. I took a small break for about two months or so, (it was a break, but wasn't a complete break) and right now, CM videos are being worked on in bulk. I won't guarantee a timeframe for when the next video will come out because there are different paths I could take as to how this will all play out. Just to give you a sense of what's going on, I have twenty-five videos planned, three of which are already out. I've finished the base scripts for all of them, and am now working on video and diagram plotting and blueprinting—figuring out what diagrams to make and use at what time. I'm still undecided as to how I'll approach the next stage of making the videos, because this bulk method works well with me, as I've explained in the May 24th 2017 update. Speaking of which, I've changed the main Updates taskbar to include the previous year because those updates are still very relevant.

Lessons in Consciousness has been a great success as well. It is active, but I'm so focused on making videos I've made updating testimonials secondary. If you are interested in a comprehensive one-on-one learning opportunity about a topic related to CM or even life in general, you should consider buying a session. They are well worth it, especially since it will be awhile before the CM videos start releasing regularly.

Enjoy the new year.



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