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Expanding on the Movie

Here are some downloadable wallpapers, all at 1920×1080 pixel resolution.

That size was chosen because 16:9 is the most common screen ratio.

Some wallpapers have different, altered versions all under the same name.

In those cases, the reason several were chosen was because they all hold merit.

Also, the various versions of a wallpaper allow some users to use only a couple or all of
them linearly. Some operating systems allow the desktop wallpaper to change over time (e.g.
every 20 seconds or every 20 minutes), and the different versions of a particular wallpaper could
function as a dynamic piece of art, rather than just a static wallpaper with different versions.

You can use these wallpapers as simple desktop art, or even as a fun, artistic
remembrance tool for reminding yourself of the concept they symbolize.


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