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Dynamic Persona

The observer is the observed. This is demonstrated physiologically through the fact that all observations a human can have is predicated upon a specific brain state. A dynamic observer is an expression of consciousness that has a different brain state and mental state every moment. Another term for this is “dynamic persona,” because the personality you are (your beliefs and thoughts) helps determine your brain state, and thus what you observe and experience as real. You choose, whether consciously or unconsciously, a different persona to identify yourself as in every moment. The idea of “dynamic persona” being explained is in relation to a significant change in personality over a relatively short amount of time. Mechanically speaking, you are a different person every moment you exist. The term “persona” is being used because humans normally behave in day-to-day life no differently than how actors behave in a play.

The core consciousness is the same, but the persona you identify with and express yourself as is just a mask. The fact that you look similar from moment to moment is just an illusion which allows for continuity. Every moment in time is a different perspective of who and what you are. The person you identify as is a kind of dimensional trichotomy, similar to space-time-force, past-present-future, and physical-emotional-mental.


Dynamic Belief (Reflection)

Your beliefs change every moment, relative to your experience of time. This notion of belief is not the same concept as arbitrary thoughts. Dynamic belief is your experience of consciously and unconsciously defining what you experience as reality. Dynamic belief corresponds to the idea of reflection, insofar that what you perceive to be reflections of your consciousness as reality is merely an experience of your belief. Belief is literally what you experience your reflections of reality as; in this context, they are much, MUCH more than simple ideas people say they do or don’t like. Also, beliefs do not contain doubt—one shred of doubt or questioning means there is a total belief in a different belief. Even if you do not believe all of this, that is a belief!


Emotionality (Core Experience)

Emotions are what you experience in relationship to what you believe. As you believe certain ideas to be true about your reality, and as you make definitions of what the phenomena within your reality are, you experience that as emotion. If you get mad at a particular thing (person, place, object, thought, etc.), you are actually getting mad at what you believe to be true about your relationship to that thing. Likewise, if you suddenly become joyful because of what you perceive as a reflection within your reality, you are choosing to feel joyful because you now have joyful beliefs about your reality. Your emotions are what allow you to experience your beliefs about the persona you choose to be at any given moment.


Behavioral Expression (Projection)

How you behave is the outward projection of what you believe and feel yourself to be. Your behavior is the actual demonstration of your beliefs and emotions. This is one of the many reasons why people say “talk is cheap,” and that “actions speak louder than words.” When people behave a certain way, it communicates to others what their beliefs and emotions may or may not be. People use behavior to show others how much they have changed, relative to how much they say they have changed. How you physically act shows the world what you are actually all about.


Every moment in time is a new moment, and all expressions of continuity is an illusion created by appearance. You as a baby is a totally different person than the you that is a grown adult. That baby has its own potential to grow into an extremely dissimilar person than the person you are now. At every moment you are atop a precipice, above an uncountable amount of choices to dive into and experience. Every different moment is a different Planck-state universe which includes a different person—hence the term “dynamic persona.” All versions of you are their own identity because they are capable of choosing to experience dissimilar realities.

You are what you believe.

You are what you feel.

You are what you express yourself as.

You are the Universe

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