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Navigating Your Matrix

Here is a list of interesting topics explained in the book:

Basically every major subject in the movie; e.g., trichotomies of experience.

A scientifically valid explanation for how everything is literally one thing.

What the human mind is, and its relationship to the brain as well as matter in general.

What dreams and thoughts are literally made of.

What structure and materiality in the universe are, in relationship to your consciousness.

An alternate, yet non-metaphysical explanation for wavefunction collapse,
and how this phenomenon relates to human perception in general.

The main dichotomies between metaphysics and physics,
why people gravitate towards them,
and why they are two sides of the same coin.

How paradoxes and illusions generate reality.

How reality orchestrates itself.

The concept of achieving goals and overcoming life’s obstacles from a mechanical perspective.

How your imagination is the strongest tool for “living your dreams,”
and how your imagination isn’t just a tool for daydreaming and fantasizing.

Happiness and suffering.

The state of being called “unconditional love.”

The ultimate cause and the ultimate cure for depression.

Plenty more topics that are best left as surprises! :)

Consciousness Mechanics: Navigating the Matrix is very mechanical, yet it is still warm and relatable. It is intended to demystify the mechanisms at work in your reality, and then offer some general guidance as to how this information can be consciously implemented in the real world. Click here to return back to the previous page.

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