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Navigating Your Matrix

Learning fun facts about the nature of existence is one thing; learning specifically how those facts are relevant to your life, and how you can practically, consciously use them is another. Your ability to use information is what makes it useful—this is a core principle in all quests for knowledge. Consciousness Mechanics: Navigating the Matrix is a book about how consciousness generates reality experience, and how you can proactively apply this understanding to your life. Navigating the Matrix was written for the purpose of sharing insight on a variety of topics concerning the human experience, and serves as an adjunct to the movie, insofar as it goes above and beyond the scope of what was presented. There are a large amount of new diagrams and new topics exclusive to this book. For a list of some of the topics expounded in this work, click here.

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CM: Navigating the Matrix is about living your dreams by awakening to your reality.

Navigating the Matrix delves deeply into the mechanisms of reality perception. It even goes as far as to discuss a new perspective on human thought’s relationship to matter and energy. And although much of the content is technical, it is still balanced—it explores both highly intellectual and emotional topics. It explains an all-natural, logical cure for depression, what it means to be “happy” and “passionate” about one’s overall life experience, and how spacetime functions as a dimensional mirror for the face of one’s consciousness.

Navigating the Matrix is intended to be enjoyed by people of many cultures and nations. It is not about having a specific metaphysical, spiritual, or religious orientation; it is about the human experience of time. What you experience as your reality is your unique perspective and truth. If you call yourself a Christian, if you call yourself an atheist, if you are philosophically mute and call yourself nothing, it is all your expression of self-chosen identity. Anyone and everyone holds the ability to live their dreams and navigate the matrix of their consciousness.

This book is only a few years old; it was released on 12/2016.

There are 272 facets to this gemstone of literature

—that is 272 pages in total.

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