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Expanding on the Movie

Consciousness Mechanics: The Movie-Book is a book version of the movie with more information. It was created for those who thoroughly enjoyed the movie and would like an extension of the information presented in that work. In this book there are new diagrams not featured in the movie.

This book is a much lighter read than Navigating the Matrix. The two are very dissimilar. The only similarities are visual, insofar that they both have similar page structure and writing format; the topics written however are different. The Movie-Book also has some extra goodies of added information about the movie in general, such as random facts and Easter eggs within the movie.

All in all, Consciousness Mechanics: The Movie-Book is for people who really, REALLY liked the movie, and wouldn’t mind having an extended book version with extra content.

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This is the second edition of Consciousness Mechanics: The Movie-Book. It is an encapsulation of the basic concepts within consciousness mechanics, and is an extended retelling of the movie. Although the information is mechanical, it is still intimate—it dives into the deepest aspects of the human condition. It is an exploration into the nature of your reality, and the reality of your true nature.

This book is only a few years old; it was released on 12/2016.

There are 157 facets to this gemstone of literature

—that is 157 pages in total.


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