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Generating Your Reality

Here is a theory symbolically representing how your consciousness experiences reality. This conceptual model serves as a reference for realizing how you generate an experience of a physical universe in space and time. It explains a process by which human consciousness projects an outer world experience by focusing within itself.

The following series of images explains the entire concept at length.

1. The centerpiece represents a focus of awareness. It is a “sphere” of consciousness. It is not literally a sphere, but it is being called one for artistic purposes. It contains your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. It is where you experience desire, intention, and feeling. It is where you create the blueprint of your life experience through imagination and desire (your dreams, goals, etc.). The sphere is a signature expression of consciousness, and a self-aware focal point. The signature quality is the consciousness’s unique location in space and time, among other attributes.

2. This represents your reflection through dimensional mirrors; relative to the human perspective, that would be space-time-force. Just by being conscious, the centerpiece generates a unique, constantly changing environment. The way to calculate change is by measuring what is being observed’s frequency of behavior. For regular matter and energy, that is the speed of light (light travels 1 Planck length per Planck time). Relative to normal matter and energy, the outer reality creates the appearance of change every Planck time (roughly 10−43 seconds). This creates an experiential universe that changes through time.

3. This represents the mirror reflection of the vacuum of existence. It serves as a reflective platform for symbols 1 and 2. As a perfect mirror, it reflects all that you contain within your consciousness back to you as an experience of self—it shows how infinite your consciousness is. If you are infinite, no matter where you focus within your infinity you will always perceive an illusion of “out there,” because the act of focusing is that illusion. As a human, you see things “around you” rather than “inside you,” even though it’s all an internal nervous system experience.


This image alone represents an entire universe—a Planck-state universe. The centerpiece is generating a reflective experience, which amounts to this particular scenario of light, matter, gravity, etc. This reality is unique, and can never be experienced again exactly the same way. The particular scenery being generated has always existed and always will exist.


The image seen here represents another Planck-state universe. That means this sphere of consciousness is in a state different enough that its environed reflection is obviously different from the last. The major principle here, is that no matter how obvious the difference in scenery, it is still a totally different universe. A different particle, wave, or anything whatsoever is still a difference, and thus, an aspect of a different universe.


If you look at this image of another Planck-state universe, you may notice a sort of trail. “The trail” doesn’t actually mean anything other than what the centerpiece defines it to mean. The sphere of consciousness can associate observations in the present with spacetime stories, but mechanically speaking, the trail wasn’t “made in the past” or anywhere other than how it exists now. It is a symbol the sphere of consciousness generates in the moment to define its story of time. The sphere of consciousness is creating the reality to exist whether it is conscious of its creation or not, because it is its reality experience.


In this last Planck-state universe you see a fire. Being the human consciousness you are and having a connection between memory and feeling, seeing this fire most likely allows you to easily recreate the experience of warmth within you, because you are so familiar with this concept. You can create a mental experience of something not physically nearby through sheer will and imagination. That is where your “centerpiece” is, in analogy to the center focus of consciousness in each of these images. Given the human anatomy, it would be easy to say your centerpiece is your brain, but that is an erroneous assumption. The centerpiece in the diagrams above symbolically show a sphere, but relative to the human, it would be simply where your awareness is; i.e., in and around your entire body. The brain is the core instrument that obviously influences how you perceive, but the rest of your body works together with it; it is one organism.

The way you can use this conceptual model is by becoming more aware of what you are generating as your reality. This model allows you to easily conceptualize how you are choosing to experience your reality at every moment. Using this model, you can easily realize that no matter what’s happening, you are choosing that perspective to some degree consciously and unconsciously. It may not seem as if you are, but that is what the illusion is.

The outer reality is a dimensional reflection of the inner reality.

It is a meaningless shadow only defined by the light that is your observation of it.

It is a reflection of you.

You are the Universe

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