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October 30th, 2017


GIGANTIC updates have been made. But first: Footers!

Most footers have been updated. Footers are the bottom images for each page. Some notable one’s are the following: The Welcome footer has an interesting, clickable surprise. The Updates section has a bunch of satellites, with the universe for the 2012-2010 page. The Services section has various. The About section uses an actual photograph of Earth, and not the common amalgam of photos most pictures of Earth are. Most photos of Earth online are a composite of topographic scans, and aren’t a full photo taken from off-world; that footer is. Also, something new is mentioned on the Browser Related page of the About section: Google Chrome doesn’t render black color gradients well on some machines, as Mozilla Firefox doesn’t render grey gradients well on some machines, too. Because of this, the footer for the 2012-2010 updates sections looks distorted on some devices.

There is now a new Questions and Answers page for the Consciousness Mechanics section! It goes into all sorts of topics concerning consciousness mechanics, and has a ton of interestingly unexpected information.

With all that out the way, many things have be “preparing for takeoff” for far too long.

Ladies and gentlemen, today is that faithful day.


















August 12th, 2017


Hello everyone, new stuff is here and more is on its way. There is now a wallpapers section, a return of the services section, and a few other pages have been lightly edited.

I have made over 20 scripts for new CM videos, and because I only wrote the scripts, I will now start producing the full videos one by one and putting them on the YouTube channel as soon as possible.

That’s all for now. Expect more videos.

PS: A really beautiful synchronicity happened as I was finishing the scripts. I noticed that from the vast majority of the few months I was writing them, my channel was getting almost no subscribers, and then as soon as I finished the scripts, literally the day after, I get 3 new subscribers and have begun to accumulate others here and there, and noticed other small activity with regard to the facebook pages. Nothing changed for those people to consciously think to subscribe to the channel. The interesting part in all this is that as soon as I had the intention of making YouTube videos again I started getting traffic, yet when I decided to take a break, it was completely dead. I just thought it was so magical that it was as if we are all of one mind, and when the mind focus that I identify with as my ego made a decision, the other aspects of my greater self that encompasses those people had the feeling-intuition to bring about the circumstance of subscribing/paying attention to Iamniverse stuff. It was a very obvious demonstration of being on someone's "wavelength," and the natural orchestration that occurs to physically reveal the nonphysical synergy.

Just a cool thought I thought I’d share. :)



May 24th, 2017


Hello everyone, plans have changed. (For the better of course!)

The last CM video has been retracted and reuploaded with a higher frame rate. I was going to reupload Mechanisms of Autonomy too, but I felt it was unnecessary. The mental time video really needed the upgrade. My only gripe is that YouTube lowers the overall quality of video so significantly compared to the original file. Nevertheless, all videos from now forward are going to be in 60fps. What this means is that the videos will have smoother animations.

Another important topic: I’m going to be making videos in bulk, but not completely.

As stated in the last update, I was going to make 10 videos in 30 days, and me taking long to release the 3 CM vids so far was me setting myself up for that. (I have a bunch of things to do outside of CM vids; e.g., I want to re-release Navigating the Matrix in physical form, I might start selling DVDs for the 2016 movie but I have to test the product for quality and then fix, then test again, etc., and a bunch of other stuff.)

Another thing I have decided to do, is to not plan out how I go about making the videos as much, because it will turn out how it needs to turn out regardless. And when making a plan, it’s nonsensical to have one if you are just going to do what needs to be done regardless. Setting rigid time structures just adds an extra, unneeded dimension of stress because, again, it will get done when it is done. This strategy only works if you are a work-minded person, and not so-called “lazy” or easily distracted, because you can easily make things take twice as long if you are not focused. One easy way to stay focused is by having what you are doing more fun than the “distractions.”

Also, just to rant for a minute—I know some people love my rants, lol, so this is for them—there’s another reason this approach towards making videos is the best. I’ve noticed that when I’m in the groove of doing something—anything that requires repetition, such as sports, writing, playing an instrument, creating art, or basically any general activity—my brain literally re-wires itself to make the task easier the next time around (neuroplasticity). This translates as you doing an activity, and then “getting better” the next time you do it. When you don’t do it for a long time, the brain re-wires itself to do other things that you are choosing to do more frequently, and you get “rusty.” This act of getting better and forgetting how to do certain things isn’t just a mental phenomenon, it is also a physical expression of your brain. I figure to take advantage of all this, I’d best make many, many scripts, because I notice I get in the groove easy when making them, and taking breaks to dive in again is like  going into a pool and the water seems cold.


So yeah, I’m still making a bulk amount of videos, but not completely—only as scripts. I will release complete videos serially.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the new CM video posted.

Take care.


April 17th, 2017


Finally, a new consciousness mechanics video! The videos have been upgraded to 1920x1080 from the old 1280x720, so they will now contain more information (bytes) visually. All the designs for how the video is structured, such as the CM logo, ending Iamniverse logo, background geometric shape, intro and outro, etc. had to be rebuilt from the ground up, and I wanted to make sure it looked exactly as I would like it to—in making something as important as a logo you have to take your time to make sure it looks good. That’s one of the reasons it took so long for the videos to start coming out again. That, and I was working on 3 videos at once, and some other stuff, such as MRP. The other two videos will be coming out in the upcoming week or so; I stopped working on them so I could at least get one video out and finally revive the youtube channel.

It’s time consciousness mechanics grows more popular, and that ball is now rolling.

I’m not messing around with this. After the next two videos come out, I will work on releasing 10 videos within the 30 days from that.

Also, some things are going to be changing with regard to how the social media is handled. Right now I want to focus exclusively on the videos, but after the 13 videos are out I will make the twitter, facebook, and instagram Iamniverse accounts more active, and will be more active in the youtube comments section (I do reply and respond to stuff but I only check comments about once every few months. The youtube comments section can be a bit of a cesspool.)

We’ll see how much this plan changes as time passes.



March 25th, 2017


Unfortunately, the physical copies of the currently released books are no more. As of today, the distribution format is changing. The physical copies may make a return in the future, but there are several things that must be worked out before that happens. With all that said, you can still get the e-book version in all its glory! :)


March 17th, 2017


Hello everyone! The videos are now going to be in 1080p. Here are some new edits and comparisons to the old format. Click on them for the new sizes!

Old CM Logo

Consciousness Mechanics: The Movie


New CM Logo

Consciousness Mechanics: The Movie

Note: Shadow gradients aren't always rendered well in internet browsers. If the darkness looks layered, blocky, or chunky, download the image and view it in a good image viewer, like IrfanView.


Old Background

Consciousness Mechanics: The Movie


New Background

Consciousness Mechanics: The Movie

Notice how in the new background, there is a center pixel that is the exact opposite color of the rest of the structure. It's a portal to an inverse dimension! :) In this case of red, the center pixel is cyan. So when you see the ultramarine background there will be a yellow dot, green background fuchsia dot, etc.

Here's a close up (some shadow pixels were added to the final version).

All in all, everything is coming along nicely. I thought I could just dive in and start making videos, but I had to rebuild some foundational stuff, like the CM logo, the intro, etc., and I'm still not fully done. I am working on putting out 3 videos at once, to make up for a lack of new videos since the recent movie came out. I'm also working on many other things, but that's another story for another time—just wanted to mention that so you know I'm not just being "lazy" for taking so long. Your patience is appreciated.

There is much more coming along the way. Enjoy the final throes of winter, spring is looking to be an eventful season for more CM videos.



February 28th, 2017


Every page on the website has been updated in some shape or form since January; be sure to have a look around and check out some of the new pages!


February 8th, 2017


Happy New Year! The website is still undergoing some renovations. What will be introduced in the near future is an all-natural way to cure disease; this approach may also function as a cancer reverser (a cure), wherein the body literally reverses the cancer generating process by reverting back to its original healthy state. There will be more information on all this soon. Take care, and enjoy 2017.

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